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I completed my certification for being a Independent Alywillow Specialist with Alywillow Organics an incredible company that offers organic plant-based products for your skin, yes that’s right your skin!

“These products are unlike anything you have ever used.”

This is the beginning of a new adventure for me selling and offering free consultations and share my beloved products that I have been using exclusively for 3 years. Full disclosure….I have to confess it took me “2 YEARS” to even try them! I have tried a few to many so called “natural” product and ultimately gave up and thought about developing my own products since I was tired of wasting money on things that just did not work for me, I was only able use coconut oil which would leave my skin feeling greasy and I never used any moisturizers on my face, due to excessive oil and large pores. Then, one day while strolling through the Raleigh Flea Market, I was drawn into the Alywillow store and decided to ask a few questions, and discover it was all plants and minerals, NO filler, fragrant or synthetic chemicals! I decided to put my idea on hold, and give it a try, an extremely knowledgeable young lady helped me pick the right products to help with the problems I was having and from that day on I have not looked back. My oily skin diminished and breakouts became a thing of the past….BONUS….these products are packed full of nutrients to feed my body inside and out. Plus, they smell amazing with so many other health benefits. I personally have never been happier with how my skin looks and feels. These products are not just for your face, your entire body will feel amazing to the touch after using them.


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Independent Consultant for Alywillow Organic’s natural skin care products. Co-Owner Daleen Handcrafted Designs with my husband, crafting unique wood jewelry.

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