About Daleen Handcrafted Designs

Just as the fusion of two in a marriage becoming one, so is the merging of the name ”Daleen.” Derived by combining the middle names of this husband and wife team, Larry Darnell and Sarah Aleen we were able to come up with the perfect name for new endeavors.

Our goal at Daleen Handcrafted Design is to express our deepest appreciation of art, through the sublimely and beautiful medium of wood with all it’s variants complexities. Our artistic endeavor is a culmination of years of pinned up desire, to give our love of wood a shape in which people can touch and wear. That drive finally broke through, during Christmas a few years ago. Wanting to give my wife a true gift from the heart. With an under powered, old cordless Dremel. To my surprise, the influences of dad had emerged. He was always a hands on guy who believe in doing your best. The earrings l believe would’ve made him proud. It also sparked the long held dream of my wife’s desire to be more in tuned with her creative side.

Each unique is labored and love intensive item is finished to a luxuriously smooth, feel good touch. The finishing process of the rare and exotic woods, we promote the use of environmental friendly oils and hypoallergenic metals. Which, we feel enhances the hands on experience and strongly encourage you to explore the textures and contours.

The symbiosis between the tactile pleasure one receives from handling our jewelry and sculptures hopefully reinforces the positive relationship between ones internal world and ones external surroundings.

We continue to create new jewelry, hand sculptures “FEEL GOOD PIECES,” plus other home decor, and a special fun children’s line. Our designs are individually and uniquely handcrafted with love and passion. Check out our ETSY store Daleen Designs to purchase.
Plus, we also have “PIECES OF OUR PASSION” in a few stores in Durham, NC.

This “Teardrop” Collection is a symbolic representation of the loved ones we have gained and the loved ones we have lost. These teardrops have been sculpted with a sense of honoring and celebrating the ones dearest to our hearts. Each piece in this collection is as unique as the tears that roll down our face.

This life, unlike a way-station where souls are entering and exiting. There are arrivals and departures from the great unknown of the universe, back to the divine spark.  In between the span of “Living” there are the teardrops, wet traces shed by a gamete of emotions, JOY and PAIN.  Daleen Handcrafted Designs is introducing a new line to our inventory. The “Teardrop” Collection so amply named for all the tears people have recently shed. 

Over the past months, it seems as though too many loved ones have transitioned.  My wife’s first cousin and my first cousin, both of them more like a sisters to us. They departed way too soon.  It’s our humbled goal, after being so moved by the frequency, of losses that we wish to honor, those profound reasons that cause us to weep. From the birth of a little one, seen and held for the very first time. To the departure of a soul, gone from us too soon, no matter the number of years. ~Larry

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